Frequently Asked Questions

What was your inspiration for the Falling In Love Montage?

I have a love-hate relationship with Rom-Coms a bit like Ruby and Saoirse combined and my first two manuscripts were quite dark so I was in the mood to write something fun.

My ideas usually come from a very basic concept, like 'two girls decide to have a relationship based on the falling in love montage of rom coms' and then I try and figure out what kind of people would do that.

Will there be a movie of the Falling In Love Montage?

I would love if there was but nothing is in the works right now.

Are the characters from TFILM based on anyone you know?

I haven't yet written any character based on someone I know but it doesn't stop people thinking I have!

How did you become an author?

I wrote two manuscripts and queried them to no avail. Then I cried a lot. After that I eventually wrote a third manuscript, The Falling in Love Montage and snagged my agent Alice Williams. She did all the hard work of selling the book to Andersen and HarperTeen.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

My advice is the same as everyone else, read, a lot. Watch lots of movies and TV (you have my permission). Think about what you like about those books and movie and TV shows, or what you don't like.

In terms of writing craft, my favourite book is Story Genius by Lisa Cron. I would also recommend Save the Cat by Blake Snyder.

Do you get writer's block?

It depends what you mean by writer's block. There are days when I don't want to write, or there are scenes that I struggle with. In the beginning of writing a book I can find it quite daunting that there's so much work to do. But mostly if I'm really stuck it's because I've gone wrong somewhere in the story structure and I need to rethink.

What do you like most about writing?

I love writing dialogue. It comes to me really quickly and in dialogue heavy scenes I can write quite a lot very easily and it makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere in the story.

What do you like least about writing?

I don't love writing description. Sometimes my editor has to remind me to describe something. For example in The Falling in Love Montage, she made a note telling me that I had never described Saoirse's Dad and maybe I could squeeze that in somewhere.

Who is your agent?

Alice Williams. She represents Children's and YA authors and illustrators.

Can I send you my work to read?

Unfortunately if anyone sends me work to read I have to delete it. For one thing, I have so much to do, I don’t have time. But for another thing imagine if we were writing books about the same sort of topic. You might think I nabbed your idea!

What tools/software do you use to write?

I am a Scrivner evangelist. I honestly don’t know how anyone writes a book without it.

What formats can I order your books in?

The Falling in Love Montage is available in Hardback in North America, paperback in the UK, and ebook in both countries. There will also be an Audiobook available in North America and the book is being translated into Dutch, German, and Spanish.

Do you have any other books coming out?

My next book should be out in 2021 but no official date yet!

How can I contact you?

You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram, or use the contact form on the site!